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Workshop 07

29 Mar

A postcard with a little positive wish. My inspiration was a friend from University on her second year who has a lot to do for the deadlines and I already sent it to her as well.


Workshop 05

29 Mar

Flyer of a Halloween party for young adults 18 – upwards

The main point is to make it scary because Halloween is all about creepy costumes and creating a scary atmosphere. A lot of people are scared of clowns for some reason and adding his face hands with blood dripping knives should be creepy enough.

Workshop 04

29 Mar

Pharrell is a hip-hop artist and putting him inside a money note just seemed like  a good idea for a cover since he is wearing a T-shirt saying Billionaire Boys Club plus most importantly the music genre itself  often makes songs songs about money.

I cut a hole into the note, cut Pharrell out, added him some glow and put a green pattern as background. The font Stencil has been used for the text and it has been added shadow and glow. The colours I have used for the text are from the picture.

Workshop 03

29 Mar

This is potatoboy, put together of everything that’s potato! 🙂

Workshop 02

16 Feb

Original version


The flaws



Selective colour tool

Workshop 01

9 Feb

– using the Brush Tool on Photoshop

– editing a photo on Photoshop