23 May

First came the idea of using pictures of frightened animals to represent the way they live in constant fear. I wanted them to be on a white background so they are isolated. I came across pictures like this: 







Then I wanted to add the human character. The only thing important was to send out the message it is an adult abusing the animal. Hands was all I needed. You can easily tell whether a hand belongs to an adult or a child, a man or a woman. The hands also had to represent anger, danger but also confusion.






From there on I started off with the animal picture and Photoshopped it into a red dangerzone. The hand became like the hand of the devil – fully red. 

For the content I used the following article giving general information about the situation: I found good facts I could bring out to make my campaign more informative.

For the logo I needed a very simple picture that represented caring for animals. I came across a picture very simple yet very suitable as the message. I decided to give it a little color before using it as my logo. 


All I needed was a name for my logo and I decided to go with a very clear and simple one – Animal Welfare which also clearly tells the aim of the organisation.





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