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Workshop 07

29 Mar

A postcard with a little positive wish. My inspiration was a friend from University on her second year who has a lot to do for the deadlines and I already sent it to her as well.


Workshop 06

29 Mar


I found a website ( dedicated to Obama’s lies found from his speeches etc and that was an inspiration to my image.

Workshop 05

29 Mar

Flyer of a Halloween party for young adults 18 – upwards

The main point is to make it scary because Halloween is all about creepy costumes and creating a scary atmosphere. A lot of people are scared of clowns for some reason and adding his face hands with blood dripping knives should be creepy enough.

Campaign development: task 5

29 Mar

Target audience:


– working people – introducing the situation and making them see how little money in this case can mean big change

– volunteers and people who just care

– children – make them appreciate what they have


– adults who choose to take a pet into the family

– young people to make them see what is not right

Workshop 04

29 Mar

Pharrell is a hip-hop artist and putting him inside a money note just seemed like  a good idea for a cover since he is wearing a T-shirt saying Billionaire Boys Club plus most importantly the music genre itself  often makes songs songs about money.

I cut a hole into the note, cut Pharrell out, added him some glow and put a green pattern as background. The font Stencil has been used for the text and it has been added shadow and glow. The colours I have used for the text are from the picture.

Campaign development: task 4

29 Mar


I have the idea of putting two pictures next to each other to show contrast between a happy dog and an unhealthy sad dog, preferably from the same breed, and say something like “Notice the difference” or “Recognise cruelty”.



Have thought about using a child’s crying face and a picture of clean water pouring down to show how just seeing the picture can make the very sad since it is something she can only dream of.


Still deciding which one to choose, both of them are something I would love to draw more people’s attention to.

Workshop 03

29 Mar

This is potatoboy, put together of everything that’s potato! 🙂